when asked to define love

Love isn’t always perfect but ours is perfect in my eyes. It isn’t like the fairy tales and storybooks. I’m not a princess and I can be a lot to handle sometimes. Love doesn’t always come easy. It’s overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, and fighting to be together. Forever. It’s holding on and never letting go. It’s a short word. Easy to spell and hard to define. It’s impossible to live without. Love is work. It’s realizing that every hour, minute, and second is worth it because you did it together. Love is in your eyes. It’s your laugh and the way you make me laugh. It’s your hands and the way they hold me. It’s the butterflies I get when you kiss me real sweet and slow. Love is the time we spend together doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other’s company. It’s being completely satisfied and not wanting a single thing more. Love is being happy when we’re together. And wishing to be together when we aren’t. Love is like flying. It’s a thrill. You’re soaring together and nothing can bring you down. Love is amazing and love is sweet. Love is adoration. And I adore you. Love is real. So this is love. This is what makes life divine.

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Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy. birdasaurus (via perfect)

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And while you’re off fucking your new girlfriend, the ditzy stoner with a bad dye job. I hope memories of me hit you like a train. I hope you remember that I was the one that talked to you all night when your grandma died and it was me that held you in my arms on the days where all you wanted was to be dead to the world. I hope you remember when we made KD in our underwear and that you kissed me while I was sitting on the kitchen counter. I hope you remember that I was the one who sat through those horribly made horror movies with you just to make you smile and that I was the one who listened to you rant on and on about how much of an asshole your dad was. I hope you remember that I was the one that convinced you to quit smoking cigarettes and that I was the one that always accepted your dumb apologies. I hope you remember that it was always me. You know it was. I hope you know that it was always you too. I hope you remember that I loved all of you. I hope you know it was exhausting. But above all, I hope you’re happy. (H.S) Just so you know - dumbdaisies (via perfect)

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